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Calculating your BMI

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is determined with the formula weight divided by height in meter to square. To make it easy for visitor of your homepage to calculate the BMI, use the Free BMI Gadget by BMI-Club . Allow me to call your attention to Body Mass Index (BMI).
Thank you for using the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator of BMI-Club.

Body mass index (BMI) or Quetelet Index

It is a measurement of body fat based on height (by inches) and weight (by pounds). There are several equations to manually calculate your BMI, but to save you time, we've provided a tool and reference to see it instantly.

*National Institutes of Health (NIH)

 Download BMI Factsheet [PDF]

Reliability and Accuracy

The BMI equation's reliability is questionable, according to the CDC. One problem is that your weight measures fat and muscle, but heavily muscled people don't have a higher risk of obesity-related diseases. In addition, a woman has more fat than a man with the same BMI, and an older adult has more fat than a younger adult with the same BMI. The BMI equation also measures children's fat, but the classifications such as underweight and overweight depend on gender and age.

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