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Benefits of an Active Lifestyle

Why is being active so important?

Fitness is part of your overall wellness ─It improves your physical and mental health; decreases your risk for many diseases and increases your chance to live longer!

Studies show that physically active people have lower risk of:
• Colon cancer than do people who are not active;
• Breast cancer than do people who are not active;
• Getting Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome;
• Getting Cardiovascular Disease & Stroke ─the leading causes of death in US.

That being said, how does the body react to exercise?
• Helps strengthen your muscles and bones
• Sharpens your mind
• Reduces stress
• Improves your mood
• Helps you cope with body ailments and other illness.

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Exercisizing 101

How much should I exercise?

According to MayoClinic, we need at least 2 and a half hours of moderate aerobic activity a week, which can be: walkathon, swimming leisurely, mowing the lawn, gardening and other exercise that gets your heart pumping. It can also be broken down to 30 mins a day

If your physical health allows vigorous activities, atleast 1 and a half hours of vigorous aerobic activity a week is also equivalent to the tips above. Vigorous activities can be: running, dancing, hiking uphill and other activities that uses 70% to 80% of your maximum heart rate¹. These can also be broken down to 10 min (3x a day) of vigorous activity.

Exercises can vary depending on your health stature, age and gender. Talk to your healthcare provider to find out what exercise regimen is best for you.

Facts & Tips: Sedentary work

Too much sitting is dangerous!

​Sitting for long hours can take its toll on your overall physical health. In fact, a nonstop physical work is much favorable than being in a constant spot for hours. Conditioning our body in such behavior can pose serious health risks ─in some cases, a cause for premature mortality, to name a few:

Heart Attack | When your heart is not used to being pushed for vigorous tasks, then a time comes where even heavy lifting can force your heart to work harder than it is used to.

​​Muscle Disuse Atrophy (Deterioration) | Use it or lose it! Strength training is essential to keep your muscles from developing atrophy. Thankfully, this type of atrophy can be reversed by starting an exercise routine and sticking to it!

​​Obesity & Diabetes | limited movement causes circulation to slow down. From metabolism to calories burned, storing excess fat which increases blood sugar levels that can develop to a type 2 diabetes. For instance, two hours of constant sitting increases your risk for diabetes by seven percent!

​​Depression | low blood circulation causes less oxygen to be delivered to the brain as well as the release of our feel good hormones called 'endorphin'.

Most importantly, awareness is a step for improving health. Additionally, you must consult your provider before starting any type of rigorous activities, especially if it will your first time. You will need a professional evaluation as to what extent and type of activities are healthy for you. Starting in a routine without getting a proper evaluation may cause further or trigger health problems such as: muscle and/or bone injury, blood sugar drop, high blood pressure and cardiac problems.

See video displaying proper posture *

Tips prepping for a workout:

Warming up & Proper Stretching​

Did you know?​ that there are different stretches for different types of exercises? And that warming up your muscles is essential prior to stretching?

​Warm-ups & Stretches​ are a crucial part of exercise as it is needed to prepare your muscles, releases tension as well as helping the body relax after a workout.

Moreover, ignoring to use these tips can cause serious injuries; therefore, we need to be cautious as to what kind of stretches our body can handle and how much to do.

Warming up just means you have to increase blood flow to your muscles so that they are easier to stretch and less likely to tense up quickly during a workout. Use short aerobic exercise such as jumping, dancing, cycling or walking, jogging ─for atleast 10 mins, your heart rate should slightly be elevated and you feel that your body is much warmer.

Stretches​ will differ depending on the type of workout you do. Here are some guidelines as to what stretches to use when exercising for different areas of the body.

* View PDF file to see steps for proper stretching exercises before & after walking. Remember, always warm up first!

Exercises for a Sendentary lifestyle


A significant number of Americans live a sedentary lifestyle but there are ways to break the routine to meet the physical needs our body yearns. Here are some tips for starting a fitness routine and sticking to it!

​Although there are an abundance of DIY videos for fitness and health, it should not hinder you from getting a professional advice and guidance from your health care provider. Perhaps, look at the internet as a community to find inspiration and motivation from others' experiences. It is important to educate yourself as well as creating smart choices for you ─then, influence your family as well!

At work
• Take longer walks: from the parking lot to the building and going to restrooms.
• Use the staircase instead of elevators.
• Get up every 15 mins to stretch and wiggle off the stiffness.
• Remember your posture is detrimental for chronic pains!
(See video below)
• Release tension on your muscles by stretching for a couple of mins whenever they feel tightened. (See video below)

See video displaying desk exercises *

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