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Weight Management

Obesity: Why is it harmful?

Most patients believe “it won’t happen to me” yet more than half of Americans are overweight and many are considered morbidly obese. Many people who are overweight and obese may not even know that they have weight issues. When was the last time you checked your weight and height?

Obesity puts you at risk for expensive medical conditions and medications and can worsen current medical conditions. Obesity and high cholesterol together puts you at risk for heart attack and stroke at an early age and

Obesity and Arthritis

Being overweight puts a large amount of pressure on your knees and hips. For people with arthritis, obesity worsens the pain and damage. Many individuals with obesity and arthritis may require major surgery and may even need a knee replacement or back surgery. Losing weight takes the pressure off your knees and joints, reduces pain, and increases mobility.

For people without arthritis the extra weight can damage your knees and may eventually cause arthritis and pain.

Individuals with arthritis can suffer from pain, decreased activity and overall their quality and contentment with life may be lowered.

Obesity & Depression

Many people who are depressed are overweight and may not have the motivation to lose weight while the weight continues to add on.

These and other conditions benefit by the education your health care provider can give. Take a step in improving your wellness. Talk to one of our providers today.

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What can we do for you?

•  Screening for high cholesterol or “clogged arteries”
•  Screening for high blood pressure
•  Weight loss through counseling
•  Weight loss through diet and medications

*see below for more details


OBESITY rates are growing rapidly in the United States. More than one-third (35.7%) of our population is affected. As of 2008, the medical costs associated with obesity were estimated at $147 billion! Health conditions include:

•  Heart disease
•  Stroke
•  Hypertension
•  Type 2 diabetes
•  certain types of cancers

This condition is also a risk factor for chronic illnesses (such as: worsening and causing knee and back pain). Overall, in many cases, obesity can ultimately lower your life expectancy and is also one of the leading causes of preventable death.

Having fats are essential for our body, but too much is NOT good. Learn more about healthy fats:
Adult BMI Calculator
Child & Teen BMI Calculator

To learn more about the
prevalence & dangers of obesity, visit: www.cdc.gov

Assessment & Counseling

Screening for high cholesterol or “clogged arteries”

Having high cholesterol can be very harmful. Imagine all the pipes in your home are full of junk and are clogged; When this occurs your appliances and plumbing do not work properly and this can lead to damage and breaking of your pipes as well as your sink and toilet. Like plumbing, if your arteries are clogged with cholesterol blood does not flow to your brain or heart properly and this can cause heart attack, stroke, pain in your limbs and other diseases. The worst part of this is someone with high cholesterol may not even know they have it until they develop serious problems, need to be on medication or even require major heart surgery. We can offer solutions to preventing and treating high cholesterol.

Screening for high blood pressure

Most people who have high blood pressure have NO symptoms and so it is important to have you blood pressure checked at your doctor’s office. The high pressure can damage and weaken the walls of your blood vessels and can lead to brain injury (stroke) and kidney problems.

Weight loss through counseling

Provide you with practical skills (education, habits, accountability, calorie counting, and proper nutrition) to prevent and treat weight problems which can help you lead a healthier, happier, less costly life.

Weight loss through diet and medications

Most patients do not realize what “good food” and “bad food” is. If indicated and after thorough evaluation, we can identify and provide appropriate medications to help you lose weight.

(OR 1-866-862-2955)

"The sooner, the better!"

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